Anyone can write a speech but what about standing up to deliver it. Given the role of Father of the bride, best man, groom, or maid of honour is an exciting privilege for most, only the role often comes with a sense of dread about the speech that is expected. For most people public speaking is a terrifying ordeal best avoided, but as Roger Love said – “All speaking is public, whether it is to one person or a thousand.” So, the sooner we can master our nerves and make it more enjoyable, the better for all. The Wedding Speech Genie is here to support anyone who wants to make their wedding speech the most unforgettable and captivating of all time.

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How it works

1. A free Skype consultation outlining the aims and ambitions for your speech

2. Detailed techniques on how to write, edit and refine your dream speech

3. Voice and body exercises on how to overcome nerves, allowing for full and free expression.

4. Transformation from the page to the stage – How to deliver and perform to an audience.

5. Personal and revised rehearsal time, practicing right up until the event day

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