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Anyone can write a speech but what about standing up to deliver it. Given the role of Father of the bride, best man, groom, or maid of honour is an exciting privilege for most, only the role often comes with a sense of dread about the speech that is expected. For most people public speaking is a terrifying ordeal best avoided, but as Roger Love said – “All speaking is public, whether it is to one person or a thousand.” So, the sooner we can master our nerves and make it more enjoyable, the better for all. The Wedding Speech Genie is here to support anyone who wants to make their wedding speech the most unforgettable and captivating of all time.

Understanding that you have one chance to make your mark on the wedding day, can seem like a huge undertaking, leaving a feeling of desperation on how and where to begin? Using our services, will eleviate all of this worry. Together we will write, develop and edit your speech from scratch making sure that the finished article is exactly how you imagined it. Once written, time will be spent on rehearsing and delivering it, so that you feel fully prepared and charged to go. This training will give you all the tools necessary to form a lasting impression upon your audience and have them talking about your speech long after the final words have been spoken.

As a trained theatre actress with over 13 years professional experience and a teacher at the Royal Welsh College of Music and DramaDeborah has a wealth of experience in helping to create a strong performance out of even the most novice of speakers. Understanding the techniques needed to overcome nerves and instill self-confidence within every client, are the cornerstone of this training.

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Deborah’s Credentials

Having spent 12 years working between London and New York City, as a public speaking coach with major international corporations, Deborah continues to bring a wealth of personal experience. Her credentials include:

  • Fully trained actress with 13 years professional experience working in national and international theatres.
  • Five years teaching at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama helping students develop their audition and presenting skills.
  • Founder and owner of Class APT – A coaching service for Actor, Presenter Training.
  • Qualified yoga teacher and body work therapist, understanding the mechanics of overcoming nerves and releasing tension.
  • 10 years working as a Public speaking mentor to a diverse selection of CEOs and corporate executives.

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