” I would like to take this opportunity to thank Deborah  for helping me with my speech as I’m not, by nature, comfortable with public speaking let alone the pressure of the best mans speech! I was so nervous about the whole idea of having to deliver a speech that was suitable for the occasion. When searching the internet for inspiration I came across Deborah’s  site, and thought I would give it ago…And I’m so glad I did, as Deborah made the process of delivering and structuring my speech a lot easier than I had imagined. She made it fun and took so much pressure off the idea of standing up in front of all the family, friends and guests. The day and my speech was a tremendous success and I truly owe this to Deborah’s coaching.”

Best Man – Alex Smith 2017

“Deb was great at making me feel relaxed about the whole process. She managed my expectations well from the beginning and in each session, I took away a lot.. be it more confidence, a better script, or better delivery. I’d have every confidence in recommending the Wedding Speech Genie to anyone seeking help with their wedding speech.”

Groom – Mark Oakman 2017


“I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to say on my daughter’s wedding day, to thank everyone who had contributed and most of all to express just how much my daughter meant to me; but I knew that the delivery of the speech had to be as good as the content. Deb taught me how to control the room, how to speak calmly and confidently. I had a lot of lovely compliments after my speech and I knew that was all down to Deb’s coaching. If you are going to be doing a wedding speech, whether it be as a groom, best man or father of the bride, I completely recommend Deb’s services.”

Father of the Bride – Christopher C. Patrick 2015


“Having never been a keen public speaker and veering on the shy side, I was not particularly looking forward to my Groom’s speech. I had no experience of script writing and felt emotionally overwhelmed at the thought of talking to 150 guests. I was nervous and unsure of where to start, until I met the Wedding Speech Genie. Deborah generously gave me unlimited time to master and practice the skills I was lacking. I not only wrote the speech I had always wanted to say, I delivered it with ease, confidence and humour. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was inundated with positive feedback. All in all, this was the best money spent and now I feel totally up to the challenge, for my first best man’s speech, later this year.”

Groom – Rod Thomas 2016


 “I had always wanted to speak at my best friend’s wedding, we had made this pact when we were 6 years old! I didn’t think that public speaking was something I felt nervous about. Relatively confident in my ability to write and deliver something so personal, I had no idea how hard the actual process would be once I got started. It all felt a little overwhelming and more emotional than I had bargained for! Deborah instilled a huge amount of confidence in me and guided me through the stages of developing a speech that encapsulated everything I wanted to say. We worked through any nerves I had about giving the speech, which culminated in it being calm, clear, funny and engaging. I was really pleased with the result. This method of coaching is superb and has helped me both personally and professionally where presenting is concerned.”

Charlotte Cox – Maid of Honour 2015


“There comes that moment when you can’t duck that speech – the big day when your daughter is getting married is that moment.Deborah was great! Friendly and calm – but more importantly reassuring. Reassuring about my speech and encouraging about my delivery. I have taken her message about practise to heart! For me there is more than one daughter – I am happy to go back.”

Mark Foster – Father of the Bride 2016

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