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Three is the Magic number…

In our last blog we mentioned the all important rule of 3 – be seen, be heard and be remembered. Why? Well, it is imperative that an audience don’t have to strain to hear you, squint to see you or question who you were. What we all need from our speaker is a decent amount of volume, a well judged pace and some basic body awareness. When working with our clients, we the coaches, are always tuning in to these three parts. To begin with, let’s look at what makes for a great voice:

Think about these 3 component parts when speaking.

  1. Volume: The most frustrating part of any speech is when someone can not be heard. So start by asking, do I need to raise my volume up, to fill a crowded room or noisy marquee? Most venues offer a mic, but you still need to practice without one and be ready for all eventualities. Volume comes deep belly breathing. If you get the inhale deep enough into your abdomen then the words can reach further and the sound is naturally louder. Remember this is not about shouting this about projecting. Practice your speech outside in a wide open space and see the words being carried across a field.
  2. Pace: Think about the speed at which you normally speak then throw a ton of adrenaline into the mix. We all naturally speed up when under pressure but we must not let our words get lost in translation
  3. Musicality: 

Now lets think about our bodies and what makes for the right language:

  1. Posture
  2. Gesture
  3. Eyes

So, remember at the very least aim to speak up and speak out and stand tall and stand proud. Not always easy to do when adrenaline is running at full whack but if you get back to your ‘belly-breathing,’ then you’re sure to turn things around, one exhale at a time. We are here to help and ready to transform your speech. Good Luck



In our next blog look out for our other magical 3… A great speaker knows the value of Presence, Charisma and Humility!

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